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Erik Larsson

Sound Designer / Game designer


Technically Clean

Stressful management game

Roles: Product Owner, Gameplay Designer, Sound Designer


Cycling simulation exercise game

Roles: Solo Sound Designer (Internship)

No More Monkey Business

Juicy destruction game

Roles: Product Owner, Sound Designer

About page


My name is Erik, I'm a Stockholm-based Game Designer that loves bridging the gap between disciplines and sound design!

On my phone, every friend has their own custom ringtone!

After playing games for years and making a
resource pack based on my friends in Minecraft, I started my journey of learning game development at the University of Skövde, studying Game Development with a specialization in Sound. I graduated with a Bachelor's in 2021, finding that working together and making a good product is as fun for me as designing sound.

I decided to become a designer to work closer to all other parts of game development and got accepted to Futuregames. 

Currently, I'm making sound for documentary films!

Feel free to reach out!



Martin Ohlsson - Futuregames student
"You took your role as PO seriously and did a good job presenting and explaining your ideas continuously, from the initial pitch to the last changes.

You seem genuinely interested in all parts of development, an interest I believe makes it easy to talk to you, and throughout the project probably helped a lot with the cross-discipline communication.

I know you put in a lot of effort to make everyone in the team feel needed and valued, and at the same time you seemed to value everyone's input - this without losing touch and pushing towards your own vision for the project, really great work, and thanks again! :)"

Johan Gunneröd - Futuregames Student
"I want to take the time to thank you for your hard work on this project Erik.
I think you have done an outstanding job and it has been such a nice ride having you as PO!

You have a strong feeling for games, the player experience and many other aspects of game development. It is really noticable that you burn for this! I can only hope to have collegues like you in the future!"

Other Projects

Other Projects

Novice Alchemist

Potion brewing game for children 

Roles: Gameplay Designer, Sound Designer

Vermin Protectors

Endless Runner Mobile Game (Game Jam Game)

Roles: Sound Designer

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