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No More Monkey Business

This game is about fast-paced destruction in a satirical monkey world. 


I made both monkey voice acting, destruction sounds and dynamic music. I took a lot of inspiration from Going Under (2020) and the fantastic sound/music in Ape Out (2019).

Gameplay sound

The gameplay is mostly destruction SFX, with some added monkey voice acting.


The music changes depending on the amount of destruction.

Cutscene sound

The game's narrative context is explained with a cutscene. I collaborated with a team member for voice acting.

Sound design Process

Destruction sounds

For the destruction sounds, I used a lot of layering & modulation to squeeze out variety. Fmod's tools helped a lot with this.

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Monkey Voice Acting

The sounds are used in the cutscene and during gameplay.

I wrote a detailed manuscript for one of my team members for voice acting.

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